11 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Christmas Shopping Online in 2021

11 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Christmas Shopping Online in 2021

Did you know that half of all adults in the UK are planning to do more of their Christmas shopping online this year? To most of us, this won’t come as a surprise. 2020 and 2021 has been a strange years, with people across the country locking their doors and staying inside to stay safe from Covid-19, and with cases on the rise we’re getting ready to do it again. But, even if we’re in a lockdown, we won’t let that stop Christmas!


Shopping online is a great way to keep up the festive cheer this year. Wrap up warm, snuggle up on your sofa, and browse this year’s festive treats without having to step foot outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a forever rose for a loved one or a set of books for a reading-fanatic, here are 11 reasons to shop online this year.


1. Stay Safe from Covid-19

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for shopping online this year is Coronavirus. The pandemic is still causing problems across the world, forcing shops to close and people to stay indoors. If your area is in lockdown, turning to online shopping for preserved roses and other special gifts is a no-brainer!


Even if you’re not in lockdown and shops are open, it isn’t always safe to head outdoors. If you’re vulnerable to the virus or don’t want to risk getting it over the festive season, avoid shopping and head online instead. We don’t know about you, but the thought of browsing items in a crowded store during a pandemic doesn’t sound like our idea of fun this year.


2. Help Protect Others from the Virus

Christmas is a wonderful season where we should all be a little more selfless and put others first. So, why not stay at home when you can to stop the virus spreading? Avoiding the shops isn’t just about keeping yourself free of the virus, but your friends and family too. This year, avoid the Christmas rush and keep everyone safe by shopping online.


3. A Wider Range of Gifts

If the virus isn’t enough to keep you indoors this year, there are plenty more reasons to shop online! If you have lots of fussy friends and family to buy for, you’ll love the variety available on the internet. You have a whole world of gifts at your fingertips, from limited edition art prints to roses that last forever. If you have a friend who’s after something incredibly specific, chances are you’ll be able to find it much easier online.


Online shopping is also the perfect place to get inspiration if you’re stuck for gifts. You can check out articles with gift ideas or browse the Christmas section of retail websites, helping you to get your creative juices flowing and find brilliant gifts for everyone you know.


4. Take Your Time - There’s No Pressure!

Most of us like to take our time when shopping. The whole experience becomes much more enjoyable when you slow it down, and you’ll be more likely to find a bunch of perfect gifts! But, if you’ve got someone who wants to look at the same thing that you are, you might feel you’re being rushed. Or, maybe you’re in a shop near closing time and the staff are trying to hurry you out.


This kind of pressure is never fun, but you can avoid it by shopping online. Here, you can browse to your heart's content and spend hours exploring every available item a shop has. No one’s going to rush you or tell you it’s time to leave, making the experience much more relaxed. Finally, Christmas shopping you can enjoy!


5. Avoid the Christmas Crowds

Speaking of relaxed, if you’ve ever been shopping in the festive season you’ll know it’s anything but! Christmas always draws huge crowds to shops across the country, and they only get busier as the big day approaches. It’s not just a problem in the shops themselves, but also the traffic you have to que in to get there and the struggle of finding a table when you want a break for lunch. The whole thing can be a bit of a nightmare. So, take a break this year and shop online instead.


You can completely avoid the Christmas crowds by shopping with online retailers, like our infinity rose UK company. Rather than battling through busy streets, brew yourself a hot drink, turn on the Christmas lights, and settle down for a cozy day inside doing your Christmas shopping. How could you say no to that?


6. Discover Unique Gifts

The internet is full of wonderful, unique gifts that will delight your friends and family. From personalized gifts to long lasting roses, you can find amazing presents if you know where to look! These are great if you want to give something a little more special to a loved one and they’re definitely less likely to get two of the same. Ditch supermarket socks and bath gift sets and opt for a gift that’s truly exceptional this year.


7. Find Better Deals

If you head to a shop, the prices you see are what you get - unless you’re ready to haggle with the shop-owner, of course. No one wants to go from shop to shop finding the best deal on a present, so you’ll probably settle for the first option you find. We don’t blame you, who has the time for deal hunting at Christmas?


Well, online shoppers do! It is so incredibly easy to make sure you’re finding the best deals on the presents you’re buying when shopping online, helping you save money and create an amazing Christmas on a budget. If you have a gift in mind, a quick Google search should give you plenty of results and you can quickly compare prices!


You can also compare overall retailer prices easily. Just open a couple of tabs for different shops and use their search feature to find the gifts you’re looking for and make a record of the different price ranges. It’s much easier than traipsing from shop to shop and will save you a whole lot of time.


8. Keep Track of Spending

If you’re keen on sticking to a budget this Christmas, online shopping not only offers better deals but also makes it easier to keep an eye on what you’re spending. When in-store, it can be easy to chuck a lot in your basket without knowing exactly how much you’re paying until you get to the till. If you’ve gone over budget, it’ll be too late by then!


Online, though, you can add things to your basket and see an overall total for your items as you shop. This feature is available on most ecommerce websites, including our forever rose UK site. This is great if you don’t want to go overboard this year. If you’re shopping across different websites, be sure to make a note of how much you’re spending at each so that you know when you’ve hit your budget.


8. Shop in Secret

Everyone loves a surprise, but around Christmas they can be hard to keep! Finding time to go shopping on your own can be very tricky, and even if you manage to shop solo, what happens if you run into someone you know whilst buying their present? It’s a Christmas nightmare, but it can be avoided!


If you have a special present for someone that you really don’t want them to know before the big day, buy it online. This saves so much stress from sneaky shopping and will definitely ease your nerves! Just be sure to hide your gifts in a secret spot if the recipient lives with you, or order it to a friend’s house to make sure they won’t find it.


9. Support Independent Businesses

As a small, independent eternal roses company, we know the value of shopping with small businesses. Those big corporations will most likely be fine, but little shops might be relying on Christmas sales to keep them afloat. The festive season is huge for independent businesses, and if you want to support them you definitely can online.


In fact, a lot of small businesses can’t afford a brick and mortar shop. Instead, they’ll have an online shop and will rely completely on these sales. If you’d like your money going to a regular family this year rather than a wealthy CEO, take a look for some independent online retailers. Your custom might just make their Christmas!


10. Shop When it Works for You

If you’re a busy parent, work night-shifts, or don’t have a day-off to browse the shops for gifts this Christmas, don’t worry! With online shopping, everyone can get all the gifts they need, when they need to. Unlike stores which usually have set hours, online shops are open 24/7. If you think of a perfect gift at 3am, you can jump online and order it within minutes. There’ll be no excuses this year! Anyone can make the time to find presents when they shop online.


Just be sure to check the delivery schedules of the shops you’re ordering from. You don’t want to buy a whole heap of presents only to find they won’t be delivered until after Christmas.


11. Send Your Gifts

A lot of people won’t see their loved ones this Christmas. Whether you have family who have to stay at home because of Covid-19 or a friend who’s working over the festive season, it can be sad knowing you’ll spend Christmas apart. But sending unexpected gifts to your friends or family who can’t make it is the perfect way to spread festive cheer.


By shopping online, you can send your presents straight to your loved ones, making gift-giving to people you won’t see super simple! When it comes to the delivery information, simply put their address in instead of yours. Some websites may even offer gift wrapping or note cards that you can attach to your gift, making it even more special.


Gift an Eternal Rose to Your Loved One

If you’re shopping online for your Christmas presents this year but aren’t sure what to get, take a look at our range of infinity roses in the UK. These beautifully preserved forever roses smell, feel, and look just like a freshly-picked rose, but they’re hand treated to last for up to three years. They also come in a range of colors and different boxes so that you can personalize your choice to suit the recipient. Send your loved ones a gift that truly stands out this year with our preserved roses.


We’re also offering free UK delivery across most of our products, so make sure to place your order quickly to secure your infinity roses in a box!


If you have any questions about our eternal roses UK, feel free to get in touch with our team for more information.

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