Why preserved roses are the perfect birthday gift this year?

Why preserved roses are the perfect birthday gift this year?

Let`s start with the beginning:

    Her/his birthday is approaching, the emotions and excitement is getting bigger, and a thought is coming: What present should I buy for my beloved one this year?! I want to impress her or him, I want to show all my appreciation, I want to show how much I love her/him. I want to buy something unforgettable, and if it is possible to remember this day even after 3 years from now... How can I do this?

    I will have a look on Facebook maybe something will clear my mind. Scrolling down I see a beautiful arrangement of luxury preserved roses, they look stunning, the box, the color of the roses looks colorful and eye catching, and they have a personal touch with a handwritten greeting card. I go on their website www.grandissimoroses.co.uk and I am almost convinced, but a thought came, well, I will pay this price but if they fade after few days?1 took a better look and I saw, preserved roses, hmmm...what does this means? Means they last for least 3 years as fresh as the day you bought them. Wow, that's sounds amazing. Looking at the price, £219 for a large box with 25 preserved roses, making a simple math, £219 divided for 36 months (3 years) will be nearly £6,5 per month. Well, that’s a good price for a sustainable and luxurious gift. Alright, I am convinced. I will buy it.

    That day it has arrived, is her/his birthday, excited I offered my gift to my beloved one, and she/him have no words anymore, just amazed looking: Darling, that’s all I wished for, roses that will make me remember your love every day I open my eyes. Thank you with all my heart!

    Now, my heart is so happy. I just accomplished what I wanted. To see her/him happy and feeling loved. Definitely I will buy again when another important event is approaching. Thank you Grandissimo Roses for this.

Signed, One costumer for life!

In this happy ending story, it can be anyone who finds themselves in difficulty to choose the right present and don’t know what to choose to impress.

The steps are simple, just click on www.grandissimoroses.co.uk and chose the right arrangement what you think will make her or him smile to never fade away and we`ll make sure it happens.

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