Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box
Velvet Round Black Large Box

Velvet Round Black Large Box

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Our preserved roses are 100% real and we treat each rose individually to make them last between 1 and 3 years. They look, smell, and feel as you would expect a fresh rose to smell, making them the perfect gift for that special someone or as a thoughtful gift that friends and family can treasure for years to come.

  • 20 Large individually picked preserved roses
  • Carefully handmade to ensure the highest quality
  • Handcrafted inside a large round box
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Long-lasting with a life of 1 to 3 years
  • Add a FREE greeting card to your roses for a personal touch


  • 20 Large Preserved Roses
  • Velvet Medium Round Box with a Satin Ribbon
  • Box Size Metric: Diameter 25cm x Height 21cm

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    Preserved roses durability makes it possible to send them as parcels. Your order will be dispatched typically in 1 working  days and arrive within 2-3 working days.

    Please take into consideration our dispatching and delivery time and if you are not sure whether the parcel arrives by the date of occasion contact us in advance to your order so we can help you. If you require there are possibilities for faster delivery method but we need to calculate the cost so please send us a message with your details and requirements.

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    What are preserved/infinity/eternal roses?
    Preserved roses are natural roses that go through a special process that makes them look and feel fresh for up to 3 years, in optimal conditions. The roses are cut when they reach their greatest state and are then dehydrated and treated with a special solution. The solution used is non-toxic and the whole process is environmentally friendly, ensuring that you can enjoy your roses for a long time.

    How do I take care of my preserved roses?
    When properly taken care of, our eternal roses can last between 1 to 3 years! Taking care of your preserved roses is easy. Keep your roses in a room-temperature environment and avoid direct sunlight and humidity. Do not water the roses and refrain from touching them as this could damage their appearance and color. Do not place anything on top of the roses as it will damage their shape. Please handle the box with care, avoiding tilting and throwing.

    Do my preserved roses need water?
    No, your preserved rose arrangement doesn't need any water or humidity to keep its shine and beauty. Avoid humid environments.

    Does my Grandissimo preserved rose contain any toxic products?
    Our roses are manufactured with the highest environmental standards. We believe in our compromise with our planet and as such we only use high quality products in our process. Grandissimo roses are processed with non-toxic and non-polluting products.

    How long will my Grandissimo preserved roses last?
    As long as you follow all instructions on the questions above properly, your long-lasting rose will last up to 3 years.

    I suffer from a pollen allergy, is my Grandissimo preserved rose going to make my symptomatic of my allergy?
    After the preservation process is over, roses no longer carry any pollen in them. Grandissimo preserved roses are safe for people who suffer from pollen allergies.

    Free GREETING CARD for every order!


    Why choose us?

    Unique Hand-Made Quality

    We are forever looking outside the box in order to create bespoke gifts that our customers love. Every single order is made with 100% real roses and created by hand with great care and effort to ensure the best quality.